Aug 29

Things a Garbage Disposal Can Do

Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen means you don’t need to endure huge amount of food waste in your home. It can also reduce odors, pests and insects, or in other words, it’s an appliance that makes your kitchen clean. It’s also great for the environment because of the reduction of waste.

Other things this unit can do

  1. Garbage DisposalPrevent food waste from going out of landfills
    Keep in mind that most food waste goes to landfills causing a significant source of gas emissions. With a garbage disposal, food waste will go directly to a wastewater treatment plant, rather than sending it to landfills.
  2. Can provide a good source of renewable energy
    Food waste that has been processed by this appliance will be recycled into a renewable energy. The byproduct of the treatment can be used as a fertilizer.

How about its power and water consumption?

As they say at Down the Sink, a garbage disposal utilizes minimum amount of water. In fact, it only uses 1 gallon of water per person each day. When it comes to electricity, in only consumes about 3 kilowatt hours, that’s equivalent to 50 cents per year of operation.

The benefits of garbage disposal are sometimes overlooked. Just like with prestigious microwaves it may seem an additional expense on your part, but it’s definitely worth an investment.