Feb 22

New and Exotic Fruits to Add to Your Usual Morning Juice – Check Out these 4 Fruits from Africa

Contrary to popular belief, the world has a lot more to offer in terms of your fruit selection than pineapples and oranges. With the cup running over thanks to the bountiful exotic flavors, fruit cocktails and juices can now be a lot more exciting than ever. Exotic fruits refer to any fruit that is not native to where you live but in our ever expanding world, while the fruits may be unusual, they can also be found readily at a store or grocery near you – if you have an African market near your area, then these fruits are absolutely worth the trip to try and buy.

These are fruits that you can easily throw in your blender, to jazz up your regimen with new flavor and texture profiles that are out of this world (yet still taste right at home with your conventional fruit). Blender Friend explains exactly how to do this, and how the type of blender matters for the end result, right here: https://www.blenderfriend.com/different-types-blenders/

Whether detoxing is more your thing, or if you prefer to consume an abundance of fruits and raw vegetables by juicing, here is a list of 4 exotic fruits from Africa that will provide a new lease of life for your tired, regular, boring old morning juice routine.

1. Baobab Fruit

The baobab fruit is extremely nutritious and edible. The fruits contain higher levels of vitamins compared to oranges, it has high levels of antioxidants, and it has more calcium in its citrusy and tart pulp than spinach. When used in smoothies and juices, you must add honey or syrup to counteract the sourness of the fruit. The baobab fruit is also available in powder form.

2. African Oil Bean

African Oil BeanThe African oil bean is popular in West African countries like Nigeria. The seed in the pod is a vital source of healthy oil, but it is also edible as a fruit. The seeds contain up to 44% protein with 20 essential amino acids. The seed also has essential minerals such as calcium copper, magnesium, manganese, and iron phosphorous and fatty acids. The seeds are high in phytochemicals and saponins that reduce levels of cholesterol which when incorporated in juices and smoothies, increases its efficiency as a weight loss aid.

3. White Star Apple

The white star apple is also famous among Nigerian inhabitants and is found seasonally in some rainforest regions. The white star apple contains higher amounts of vitamin C than oranges or guavas, and they are an excellent source of tannins, phytochemicals, terpenoids, and flavonoids. While the apple is eaten regularly as a snack, it can also be infused into smoothies and juices.

4. The African Mango

The African mango has been an effective weight loss supplement for years. The fruit and its seed contain thiamin, niacin riboflavin, iron phosphorous, and vitamin C. The African mango is widely available and can be combined with other fruits to produce a healthy drink. The seeds of the African mango also have significant weight loss properties, and it has even been used as a treatment for cholesterol and obesity.

So there you have them – here are just some fruit that you may not have known that taste great in juices and smoothies, and are just as nutritious and delicious as your typical orange.