Jan 31

Four Affordable Romantic Valentine’s Date Ideas

Romantic Valentine’s Date

The holiday season has just ended but as early as now, the next special occasion is being prepared for by a lot of couples from all over the world. As we all know, Valentine’s Day is being celebrated on February 14 by many couples, married or unmarried. This day of hearts is more than just about flowers and chocolates. Aside from finding a special gift for your significant other, preparing a special date should also be part of Valentine’s Day.

However, not all of us have enough budget to dine in fine restaurants or go on a dinner date by the bay aboard a luxury yacht. This is precisely why you have to plan early for you to make a Valentine’s Date fun, romantic and unique than all those previous Valentine’s Days you’ve had in the past years without getting you broke. Here are 4 affordable romantic Valentine’s date ideas that you can consider for this year.

1. Set up a romantic movie or two at home.

Why squeeze in with a hundred other couples in a crowded cinema when you can watch a nice romantic movie while cuddled up with each other in the coziness of your home? Maybe it’s time to watch The Notebook again or even Titanic just because it would last 3 hours so you have more time with each other. Prepare some wine and snacks and we’re pretty sure it will be an epic night.

2. Try a new activity!

It’s not about going to the movies or having dinner all the time. Your Valentine’s date could also be fun and exciting if you try out a new activity. Perhaps you haven’t been in a laser gun arena yet or you can get dirty with a game of paint ball. You can make it a bit more romantic by going on a vineyard where you can harvest some grapes or pick oranges straight from the tree. Go for a wine tasting evening and purchase afterwards some lovely wines for you and your valentine.

3. Organize a home picnic or barbecue.

Check the weather forecast and if it will be a fine day, then a home picnic or barbecue will be a great idea. You can have all the privacy you need rather than sit in the middle of the park with all the other couples celebrating Valentine’s Day. If it seems like it will be drizzling or it’s just too cold outdoors, then turn your garage into a fine looking venue for a dinner date. Grab the remote control to your garage door opener and surprise him or her as the door opens with a lovely candlelit dinner for two—just because your family dinner table is too basic!

4. Find a restaurant you haven’t tried yet.

Sure, heating your microwave leftovers would be cheapest, but it’s not very romantic is it? However, a dinner date in a restaurant is still a safe choice; however, fast food or some cheap resto chain probably wouldn’t be a unique idea if you’re after saving money. What you could do though is do your research and find a restaurant with cheap but delicious food and great ambiance. Definitely, discovering new food trips as a couple is always so romantic and fun at the same time.

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