Jun 14

A Brief Comparison between Memory Foam And Spring Mattresses

When you are totally exhausted after a day of hard work, your mind looks forward to the moment when you finally hit the bed. But not all mattresses can be the perfect one for blissful sleep after a day’s work. The market is full of options. Traditionally Spring Mattresses had a dominating market share but with the advancement of technology, a lot of other varieties especially the memory foam mattresses have come up as options. In this article we will help you compare the two market leaders, spring mattresses and memory foam mattresses.

After reading this factsheet we came up with the following benefits and disadvantages.Foam And Spring Mattresses

Spring Mattress

The traditional technology of combining spring and foam has ruled the Market for far too long. It is still considered to be a healthy competitor to the modern technologies.


  • The most important reason for its thriving in the market is that it is the cheapest variety because of the simplicity in the manufacturing process.
  • You do not have to wait for the mattress to unwind into original shape after unpacking as it happens immediately.
  • It is adequately ventilated and do not make you feel too warm when you sleep.
  • Since it is basic foam that is used, no chance of outgas odor.


  • It never helps you if you are suffering from back or joint pain.
  • Uneven distribution of your body when sprawled along this type of mattress can cause serious hazard to your spine and joints.
  • Maintenance is really hectic for this kind and warranty never exceeds more than 10 years that too with lots of problems in between.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is a special kind of polyurethane foam which reacts to human body pressure and temperature and moulds according to the shape of the body gradually after a person sleeps. We’ve read the latest 2014 memory foam mattress reviews and came up with the following lists.


  • It evenly distributes your body weight and moulds according to your body shape thus giving great relief to any kind of body ache. Moreover it stops any ache from occurring as well.
  • It has the latest technologies involved in the manufacturing process and offers you many choices.
  • Due to the perfect contouring according to your body, sleep is more peaceful.
  • It has a great deal of tenacity and maintenance is easy.
  • It is environment friendly.


  • It produces extra heat while adjusting to your body temperature.
  • The material is costlier than spring mattress.
  • It takes time to come to the real shape after unpacking so you have to wait before you can sleep on it.

Now that you know a few important things about the two types of mattresses, you might know which type of mattress you are looking for your bedroom.